Recent Trends in Photonics Technology (RTPT 2015) on 21-22 August 2015

The Indian School of Mines OSA Chapter was constituted on 17th July 2013 with active cooperation from students and the effective guidance of the Chapter Advisor. This student chapter work under the sole guidance of Chapter Advisor, who heads the working committee consisting of primarily student members. The working committee comprises of student members acting as President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

This Chapters work with certain objectives which include being one of the largest and active student branches in eastern India and thereafter making its presence felt at the national arena. It also aims at working in close collaboration with the industrial world which would thereby enable the members and participants to contribute with their innovative ideas in the field of optics. The Chapters plans to enrich its member base through professional networking by providing career development and technical programming. The objective of this Chapter is to raise awareness of optics and science learning through participation in events at its institution and in the local seats of learning. It also plans to disseminate awareness through youth education and outreach activities such as science fairs, laboratory tours and classroom demonstrations. They are non-profit organizations and are world’s leading professional association for the advancement of technology.